Systems Analytics is a bioinformatics company serving government, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and academic research institutions for the discovery and evaluation of biomarkers with clinical, diagnostic and scientific significance.

We offer a variety of consulting services for our customers under strict confidentiality. With our focused expertise in applying robust computational approaches to biological data analysis, Systems Analytics is poised and committed to help in the analysis of massive data sets generated from microarrays and other expression profiling sources. We are dedicated to helping our customers attain more accurate, reproducible, and reliable results; reduce R&D expenditures by preventing false “good stories”; improve biomarker identification and predictive model development by avoiding over-fitting; and significantly accelerate the decision-making process.

Genomics, Proteomics, and Metabolomics Expression Profile Data Analysis

Working together with our customers, we strive to extract the most useful and reliable information from their high throughput datasets. Equipped with our specially designed robust algorithms and software tools, we can help search for and evaluate reliable potential biomarkers from “omics” data; perform promoter region analysis and annotation of selected genes; provide pathway information on genes and proteins of interest; and conduct literature searches for protein-gene linkages.

Chemical Fingerprinting Data Analysis

We provide services in accurate and precise analysis of chemical fingerprints; development of robust and accurate predictive models; optimization of near-real-time chemical detection devices; quantification of the chemical fingerprinting changes due to concentration level, time delay, and other variations for mixtures of chemicals (known or unknown); and the development of customized software for specific diagnostic, prognostic, environmental monitoring, clinical trial monitoring, and other desired uses.


We also provide training and consultation on the application of various bioinformatics software tools for expression profiling data analysis and advanced analytics development. This can be accomplished in-person, through internet webinars, or via telephone or email.



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