September 15, 2006

Systems Analytics Launches TopBioMarkers V1.3

Systems Analytics Inc. (SAI) today announced the release of its flagship bioinformatics software package, TopBioMarkers V1.3. With emphasis on robust and accurate biomarker selection, the package includes 14 (for two classes) and 16 (for multiple classes) popular gene/feature selection methods, cross-assessment of the reproducibility performance of the selected gene, and 6 widely used classification methods for sensitivity and specificity performance estimation. The software package has a user customizable consensus voting mechanism for comparing and integrating the results obtained by using multiple methods. It also comes with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that provides a user-friendly environment for the analysis of genomics and proteomics datasets with multiple dose groups, multiple time points, and multiple chemical compounds.

Interested potential users should send request for demo software to


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