October 12, 2005

Systems Analytics Won the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF)
Systems Analytics won the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I award on October 12, 2005. NSF SBIR Phase I Award is a highly competitive award with a success rate of only about 10%.

Under the award, Systems Analytics will develop a proteomic-based biometric system for near-real time detection of less-than-lethal exposures to CBRN materials. Protein expression and post-translational modification data such as protein arrays and LC/MS will be used to identify protein expression changes. Phase I effort will be focused on defining and developing the bioinformatics tools that will be used to identify or link to databases that identify altered protein expression, and to aid in the analysis and interpretation of proteomics data. This software tool will be capable of quantifying and interpreting complex and time-dependent global changes in various biological data profiles. The feasibility for further development will be demonstrated by a prototype system on PC.

The developed biometric system will have both military and civilian applications. It can be used by biotech and pharmaceutical companies to identify new biomarkers, by environmental conscious organizations to assess and monitor effects of low-level intakes of toxic materials, and by the health care industry to monitor and assess the effectiveness of treatment, diet and fitness activities. It can also be used by the military to detect and diagnose exposure of toxic materials and make deployment decisions, and by the homeland security to monitor and detect suspicious terrorist activity and implement emergency response plans.


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