Systems Analytics is a bioinformatics company dedicated to facilitating the discovery and evaluation of biomarkers of clinical, diagnostic and scientific significance. We elevate the practical utilization of scientific discovery through the application of engineering rigor.

We develop and apply robust and state-of-the-science computational software that delivers accurate, reliable and reproducible results from large amount of high throughput biomedical data. We strive to be the primary provider of robust analysis technology for advanced biomarker discovery and application in partnering with our customers ranging from government, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and academic research institutions.

Our technology is being used in genomics, proteomics and metabolic profiling studies, where high throughput biological data requires innovative and robust tools for conversion to useful practical knowledge.

Our goal is to provide confidential consulting services and computational support to biologists and bioinformaticians in the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of various pathological conditions, and the identification of novel biomarkers with potential for early diagnosis, enhanced prognosis, treatment response, and management of human diseases.

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