January 26, 2007

System Analytics Awarded SBIR Grant from The Department of Defense

Waltham, MA, January 26, 2007, Systems Analytics Inc. (SAI) today announced that it has been awarded a SBIR grant from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense. Under this grant, SAI will develop software technology for cancer epidemiology and prevention research. Key features of the software package will include the ability to easily select specific data fields and to track persons backward and forward in time with multiple military databases. The software package will enable a variety of epidemiologic study designs and bolster the quality, depth, robustness, and timeliness of military cancer epidemiology studies. The software technology should ultimately support more effective and efficient protective measures against cancer.

"We are very pleased with this award," said Dr. John Zhang, SAI president: "This grant not only validates our company's unique qualifications for bioinformatics software development and our expertise in accurate and reliable data analysis, but also expands our existing collaboration with US military to a new field, in which the integration of database technology and data analysis tools is a must."

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