Top Eight Reasons to Join Systems Analytics


(1) It’s an open and friendly environment. You have the opportunity to meet colleagues and customers from all kinds of backgrounds: biological and physical scientists; neuroscientists; computer engineers; aerospace and mechanical engineers; mathematicians; statisticians; and business professionals; from universities and research institutions, government agencies, large biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and other innovative small businesses.

(2) Everyone wears several hats! You may be programming in the morning and discussing marketing strategy in the afternoon. Everybody has the opportunity to learn and practice both technology and business.

(3) You are at the frontier of practical and useful innovation - boldly go where no one has gone before! There are hundreds of challenges yet to solve. Your creative ideas matter here and are worth exploring. You'll have the opportunity to develop innovative products and services that will benefit society. We are passionate about customers and technologies.

(4) Appreciation is our best motivation! We strive to create a fun and inspiring workspace you'll be glad to be a part of. There is little corporate hierarchy and very little formality. All of us are equally important to the company’s success.

(5) Life is beautiful! Being a part of something that matters and working on products and services in which you believe can be remarkably fulfilling. We adore the MIT emblem: one hand with a book and the other with a hammer. We value innovative idea with practical application and treasure your contribution. You can have your own ideas and make your dreams a reality.

(6) You own part of the company! Through our stock ownership program, you will work not only for the company, but also for yourself. We look for those who share an obsessive commitment to create and perfect innovative technologies and have a great time doing it. We also emphasize cost containment.

(7) We favor both ability and experience. We believe in hard work, self-critique, fun and the sort of creativity that only comes about when talented people from diverse backgrounds approach problems from varying perspectives.

(8) In short, we highly value passionate, bright, creative, and energetic people of integrity and honesty.
You'll find Systems Analytics a place where you can aspire to monumental accomplishments.

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