April 15 , 2006

Systems Analytics Awarded Phase II SBIR Grant for Developing Bioinformatics Software for Proteomics Studies

Systems Analytics, a Waltham, MA-based bioinformatics technology development and application company, announced that it was awarded a Phase II SBIR grant from U.S. Air Force. The $749,290 SBIR effort will be focused on developing a software product, in which protein expression and post-translational modification data such as protein arrays and LC/MS data will be used as input for identification of protein expression changes. The proteomics data will be integrated with either gene expression data or metabolomics (metabonomics) data or both to identify the molecular events up- and down-stream of these protein changes in the pathways involved in the cellular response to the external insults. Existing information in publicly available literature and databases will be incorporated into the software in terms of a knowledge base. Once the entire data analysis/biological interpretation process is complete, the biological implications of the biomolecular changes will be provided, as well as the prediction of the likely outcome.

The developed bioinformatics software will have both military and civilian applications. For example, it can be used by the military to monitor health status of deployed personnel and detect and diagnose exposure to physical, chemical and biological stressors, so that appropriate deployment decisions can be made. The software can also be used by the homeland security to monitor and detect suspicious terrorist activity and implement emergency response plans. In the private sectors, it can be used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to identify new biomarkers, by environmental conscious organizations to assess and monitor effects of low-level intakes of toxic materials, and by the health care industry to monitor and assess the effectiveness of treatment, diet and fitness activities.

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