RAMP (Robust Accurate Modeling Protocol) Screenshots

RAMP is an integrated high throughput data analysis tool that contains input, preprocessing, batch effect removal, model generation, model selection, output, and future dataset prediction. RAMPís user-friendly interface will take you through all the steps from input to validated robust predictive models, with a wide range of powerful analysis tools to choose from at every stage.


The RAMP application offers a variety of visualization tools for data exploration, batch effect visualization, and model evaluation and comparison. For easy visualization of batch effects, RAMP offers four types of visualization techniques including Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Correlation coefficient heatmaps, Hierarchical Clustering and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).




The software emphasizes robust model construction through the use of multiple validation procedures, filtering options, feature selection methods, and state-of-the-art classification methods.




Various kinds of model selection criteria are used in RAMP, aimed at selecting robust, reproducible and repeatable models.



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