November 11, 2009

Systems Analytics Launches RAMP 2.0 Software Package

Waltham, MA, November 11, 2009 – Systems Analytics, a leading provider of high-throughput biomedical data analysis tools for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industrials, today announced that the the company has launched RAMP 2.0 software package for biomedical data analysis.

RAMP (Robust Accurate Modeling Protocol) is a predictive model construction package developed by the company. It is a software product for optimal and automatic construction of accurate, reproducible and robust models for the prediction of clinically relevant outcomes using microarray gene expression data.

The new version allows the users to test various classification algorithms and adjust their corresponding parameters automatically. The software’s efficiency is greatly improved through reducing the operational maneuvering and computational time.

About Systems Analytics

Systems Analytics is a bioinformatics company dedicated to facilitating the discovery and evaluation of biomarkers of clinical, diagnostic and scientific significance. The company focuses on developing robust computational algorithms for achieving accurate, reliable and reproducible data analysis results. These algorithms are being used in genomics, proteomics and metabolic profiling studies where innovative and robust tools are required to extract useful practical knowledge from high-throughput datasets.

Media Contact:
John Zhang
781-398-2233, x301
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