July 22, 2008

Systems Analytics Launches Software Products and Services for Reliable and Reproducible High Throughput Biomedical Data Analysis

Waltham, MA, July 22, 2008 – Systems Analytics, Inc., a privately-held bioinformatics software development and application company, announced today that it has officially launched three desktop software products and has begun offering its services for high throughput biomedical data analysis. The software trio, which can be applied to genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics datasets, consists of:

BatchMatch for quantifying and removing batch effect: the systematic non-biological difference between samples commonly found in biomedical datasets. Batch effect can stem from various causes including differences in experimental protocols, platforms, instruments, chips, reagents, experiment times, laboratories, and technicians. BatchMatch software evaluates and removes the batch effect, facilitates the integrated study of multiple datasets, and enhances the statistical confidence in the detection of reproducible biological signals.

RAMP (Robust Accurate Modeling Protocol) for the optimal and automatic construction of predictive models using expression data. The automatic workflow built into RAMP generates and selects high performance predictive models that are reliable, robust, reproducible and generalizable to new datasets. RAMP avoids numerous over-fitting pitfalls such as class label information leak, provides a large selection of highly regarded algorithms, mitigates multiplicity effects, accounts for sample variability, and treats typical sample-size imbalance problems.

TopBioMarkers for identifying potential markers with strong predictive power and high reproducibility from expression data with multiple classes (such as dose groups and time points). It integrates well-known feature selection and classification methods in a computational scheme that includes consensus voting and objective ranking techniques, and accuracy and reproducibility measures for the quality of the selected features.

The Systems Analytics software products and services allow users to: Construct robust predictive models and identify potential biomarkers and targets; Utilize combined datasets from cross-lab, cross-chip, and cross-platform experiments; Eliminate false “success stories” by avoiding numerous over-fitting pitfalls; Accelerate the research process with automated analysis workflow; and Increase R&D productivity by focusing on the most reliable conclusions.

Dr. John Zhang, president of Systems Analytics, said, "Microarray technology has been developed and applied widely over the past decade. However, achieving reproducible analysis results across labs, platforms, chips, even experimental times, is still a challenge. False “success stories” due to numerous over-fitting pitfalls have been widely reported. Systems Analytics’ release of robust analysis software is the first step towards a standardized analysis procedure for reaching agreeable conclusions using datasets from different sources. I hope such an effort can significantly improve biomarker discovery and evaluation processes for drug discovery and translational medicine, safety and efficacy studies, diagnostics and personalized medicine.”

About Systems Analytics

Systems Analytics is a bioinformatics company dedicated to facilitating the discovery and evaluation of biomarkers of clinical, diagnostic and scientific significance. We elevate the practical utilization of scientific discovery through the application of engineering rigor. The company provides robust state-of-the-science computational algorithms at the heart of its products and services, and produces accurate, reliable and reproducible data analysis results. These algorithms are being used in genomics, proteomics and metabolic profiling studies where innovative and robust tools are required to extract useful practical knowledge from high-throughput datasets.

The company provides confidential consulting services and computational support to biologists and bioinformaticians for the identification of novel biomarkers with potential for early diagnosis and enhanced prognosis, treatment response, and management of human diseases. More Information is available at

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