RAMP 2.0
Constructs Accurate and Reliable Predictive Models

The software automatically constructs high performance predictive models with microarray experimental data. They are reliable and applicable to new datasets.

With this new software, you can avoid over fitting, treat typical sample-size imbalance problem, remove batch effect, account for the effect of sample variability, and much more. Itís easy to use and comes available with a free trial.

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Systems Analytics is a bioinformatics company dedicated to facilitating the discovery and evaluation of biomarkers of clinical, diagnostic and scientific significance. We elevate the practical utilization of scientific discovery through the application of engineering rigor.

Our robust, state-of-the-science computational algorithms, at the heart of our products and services, produce accurate, reliable and reproducible data analysis results. These algorithms are being used in genomics, proteomics and metabolic profiling studies, where high throughput biological data requires innovative and robust tools for conversion to useful practical knowledge.

Our goal is to provide confidential consulting services and computational support to biologists and bioinformaticians in the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of various pathological conditions, and the identification of novel biomarkers with potential for early diagnosis, enhanced prognosis, treatment response, and management of human diseases.

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